Q: What do you mean by “water resistant”?

A: Adina Countrymaster, Oceaneer and Amphibian watches are all water resistant. Our watches have been pressure tested to withstand certain pressures. Passing the 20atm test,  Adina Amphibian watches are perfect to be worn everyday including swimming, showering and diving. Adina Oceaneer and Countrymaster watches pass 10atm water resistant, so can be worn while swimming and showering.

To maintain your watches’ water resistance, especially if you regularly wear your watch in water, we recommend returning it to our workshop for the seals to be changed during each battery change. About every three years.

Q: Is my watch water resistant with the screw crown left undone?  

A: No, when in and around water always ensure your crown is in the locked position. See your screw crown instructions.

Q: Can I use my pushers underwater?
A: No. You shouldn’t operate your watch pushers or crown under water.

Q: What is a quartz watch?
A: A quartz watch is a battery-operated watch regulated by quartz.

Q: What is sapphire crystal?
A: Sapphire crystal is a highly scratch-resistant type of watch face glass. It is more resistant to welding slag than mineral crystal.

Q: How long will my watch battery last?
A: Your watch battery has the ability to last anywhere between 2–3 years.

Q: How long will the gold plating last?
A: All Adina watches are plated with either 5 or 3 microns of hard gold plating or the technically advanced ionic plating to ensure your watch stays looking great for many years.

Q: How long will my Automatic watch operate if I’m not wearing it?
A: Our Automatic watches have the ability to stay on time for approximately 40 hours without wear.

Q: Why do you use the Roman numeral IIII at the 4 o’clock position, rather than IV?
A: The numeral IIII is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it balances the dial.

Q: What is a “fully-repairable movement”?
A: A “fully-repairable movement” can be dismantled and worn or damaged parts can be changed rather than the movement being completely replaced .

Q: Can I wear my watch to bed?
A: Yes, as long as you don’t have a magnetic mattress, which can stop your watch when in direct contact.

Q: Can I wear my watch in the shower?
A: Countrymaster, Oceaneer and Amphibian watches may all be worn in the shower as long as the screw crown is engaged and the seals have been tested and confirmed as functional following a battery change.

Q: I get a rash from wearing a watch. Can I wear an Adina watch?
A: Most of the time people that get a rash from their watch are allergic to nickel used in the plating process. Adina watches utelise the highest-grade, nickel-free stainless steel and are plated using a nickel-free process. In most cases our watches will not cause an allergic reaction, but if you are particularly sensitive, a titanium or fob watch might be the answer.

Q: What does the word Adina mean?
A: Adina is the Aboriginal word for “very good”.

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