The beginning of every Adina watch starts with the humble pen and paper. Hand-drawn sketches, inspired by elements of the urban and natural environment, form the foundation of every unique Adina watch design.

Our artistry is combined with CAD drawings, engineering expertise and the latest machine technology to ensure each component is created to the highest standard. At Adina we source custom-made premium components from at least five different countries. We carefully select our manufacturing partners to make sure they share our commitment to crafting the highest-quality watches for our customers. Many of our partners also supply components to world-renowned watch brands.

Our Australian-based team of expert watchmakers then assemble the components and finish each timepiece by hand. A range of techniques are used to create our iconic models, from sandblasting or mirror-finishing the case and bracelet, to stamping or etching the face background.

Bringing together local craftsmanship, world-class components and advanced technology, Adina exemplifies watches that are proudly Australian made.

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